Introducing PLUME

Desktop app for writing documents, scripts for screen plays,
books and anything else.

Available for Windows, Mac

TXT or PDF document on output

Working on Blank documents

PLUME provides expanded editor for working on documents. You can create lists where you contain text. Manage your lists how you would like: add, delete, reorder, rename and more!

Add and rename lists

Adding new list will take you just one click!
In order to rename the list, change it's name in the form.

Fill in the content

You are provided to expanded editor with all the requirements tools for write text.
Change text font size, font family, align, color, background color and start writing!

Delete some lists

If you feel that something is redundant, delete that!

Writing is a hard process indeed, so that's why there are some advantages that will make this process easier!


You can save manually by pressing CTRL+S, but there are also autosave that will save changes automatically.

Word & Symbol counter

There is word and symbol counter above the editor so you can monitore the situation. This is very useful for copywriters and other people who are getting paid for exact number of symbols.

Export and view on any device

You can view your text both on desktop and mobile devices.

Print your document

Print it! What else can be said?

But unfortunately, Plume supports export only to TXT & PDF.

Working on Script & Book documents

Working on script or book is a little different from blank document. First of all, there is some functions provided for that kind of writing.
We know that there are both a lot of heroes and locations in both books and screen plays. That's why you can make some notes about every hero and place not to forget every little detail!

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For Mac


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